Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sugar and Screen Time

Sam and Sarah had their 13th Anniversary a couple of days ago.  They dropped off the three kids and went shopping together.  They are super careful about how much “screen time” these kids get in the day.  But they are allowed endless screen time at our house.

This is fine.  Two children with iPads and one on my computer in the kitchen. They disappear into their individual worlds.

The easiest babysitting ever.

“They wouldn’t know if we were dead,” I said to Tom.

I do sit with Louis while he does his summer homework: subtraction, and then reading aloud three chapters of  Toad and Frog.  I make him a bookmark.

Tom brings down a business-size card with “Stop talking” printed on it and places it on Elliot’s iPad.  He reads it and bursts into laughter.

Eventually, Sally gives the iPad to Louis and comes to the large computer where we watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman, (her choice) I am thoroughly entertained and she is happy to have me sitting next to her.

We have small moments of contact throughout the afternoon.

We have Fat Boy bars.

And then Sarah and Sam bring doughnuts, and we eat them with milk.

Sugar and screen time.  A perfect afternoon.

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  1. Small moments of contact and Fat Boy bars sound like a perfect afternoon. I like that you don't feel compelled to force time together.