Thursday, June 18, 2015

Morning Parcheesi

Morning Parcheesi with Erica (daughter-in-law) and Maxwell.  Anne snapped the picture.

I made breakfast again this morning, because Erica had a truck load of yard junk and she got Charles to take the first hour off work and help her unload it at the dump.

She and Maxwell and Anne (surprise!) showed up at ten.  Murgatroyd was babysitting.

After breakfast, I said, "Wanna play Parcheesi?"

And they did!

Who's the life coach now?

Parcheesi is tricky at first glance.  You think it's  just like SORRY, but no, it's much meaner.  With four people playing, it can get really mean.  Not only can you knock people off the board, but you can also block.  And doublets are top of the dice AND bottom of the dice.  Whoppeee.

Then there are "safe" places.  One of these safe places is the red strip toward home.  Anne, who was green, had a couple of pawns sitting outside her safe place.  "Aren't you going to put them in the safe place?" we asked.

Then this is the BEST.  If you get three doublets in a row, everything in the safe place gets sent to start.

That's what happened to Anne.  We whooped it up.

"I thought this was a SAFE place," she said.  Whoop Whoop.

Maxwell repeated, "Fate loves me."  And to prove it, he won the game.

We just finished when Bard and Nancy Davies came to take us to lunch.

This is summer, 2015, and I'm enjoying every second of it.


  1. Favorite line: "Who's the life coach now?"

  2. That is the same Parcheesi my grandparents have and you are right it is so much better than Sorry for the sending back home! I played all the time as a kid so I always knew what was on the opposite side of the dice which was a trick that amazed my husband when we met!

  3. Can you still buy Parcheesi? I hope so. I've forgotten how to play.