Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Family Ties revisited

Last night I watched several episodes from the first year of Family Ties.  It began in 1982, the year I turned 40.  I realized I was one of those parents.  They made references to the revolutionary sixties, fifties and even songs of the forties.  The phone hung on the wall in the kitchen for all to hear your conversation. You went to it.  It didn't travel with you.

People wore more clothing and were tidier.  Although I had boys and they wore only t-shirts and levis.  Alex, played by the adorable Michael J. Fox, was overdressed.  He was Frasier as a teenager.

I enjoyed the little family tornadoes all resolved in a tidy twenty three minutes.  I looked up the child actors to see if they had imploded in adulthood.  No, they were all working adults, so that's a happy ending all by itself.

I was telling Erica this at breakfast and she reminded me of Skippy, the neighborhood boy, who hung out at the Keatons.  She said they had a kid in their neighborhood who was always at their house, and they called him Skippy after the Family Ties Skippy.  It stuck.  He is known to a whole Provo generation as Skippy.

I think I was probably the Skippy hanging out at someone else's house.  

Tom hung the flag on the porch today, and sheered the bushes.  I stood in barefeet on the sidewalk and cheered him on.  Already a good day.

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