Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Harrison has been on his mission seven months

Harrison, my oldest grandson, has been in Uruguay seven months now.  Can you believe it?  Time flies when it's not your mission or your missionary.  Charles, his father, forwards his emails to us. My personal favorites are the ones where Charles invites him to let fly and tell us what he's really thinking and in true Plummer fashion, Harrison lets fly. These are a breath of fresh air after the rambling Mormon-speak that makes him sound like every missionary you've ever heard.

The good news is that he likes what he's doing and really misses peanut butter.

You may remember that I added Google ads to pay for a trip to Uruguay at the end of his mission.  The Google Gods owe me a couple of hundred dollars, but I don't seem to be able to communicate with them on how to pay me.  I've sent them my bank account number but nothing appears and they keep asking me for the same information.   Gaaah, Google!

The ads are gone. They were ugly.  I'll find  another way to Uruguay.

Today, after many days in a row of losing, I finally beat Tom at Parcheesi TWICE.

And he says, "I'm so proud of you. Bless your heart."

Kill him.

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  1. I did truly laugh out loud.
    The first time I beat huz Paul at chess (this summer, after 31 long years of wedded bliss and chess matches), he looked incredulous. I can only imagine he was thinking, "Finally!"