Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We celebrate Janie's birthday

Gerard in front, behind him, Judy, Marilyn Janie, me, and Toni

We always have a lot to say when someone buys Backer's smallest cake.  Toni and Janie carried one on a plane to Nova Scotia for me.  I had peonies from the garden with larger heads than that cake.

Look at the size of the "70" candles.  It's practically crippling that cake.

That cake serves eight generously.  It's very rich.

I have a friend, who when he comes into town, buys this cake for himself as if it's a large cupcake.

It's a delicious cake with raspberry filling.

We opened presents and ate cake before playing Golf, and were only able to play one round.  Toni won by 50 points to the next lowest person (Judy).  The birthday girl was among the big losers.  I came in third.

Marilyn's husband, Neil, took the pictures and disappeared before we made him our evening photographer.  

Lots of laughing.  I mean LOTS OF LAUGHING.  You needed to be there.


  1. I need a group of people in my life that results in lots of laughing. Laughing is hardly part of my existence. This needs to change. and there is no reason it shouldn't.

    I'm really glad you have some good times strewn throughout your days. And good cake.

  2. Teddy didn't want to play? I love me a Backer's cake. I order one for myself every year and have them write, "Happy Birthday to Me" on it.

  3. Siblings are a sweet, sweet blessing. We may not recognize them as such all though the years, but yes, they are.