Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am now an ordained minister.

Yes I am. I am a minister of the Universal Life Church.  I received my certificate on the internet yesterday.

I'm going to marry my grand-daughter, Rian and her true love, Tate, in mid-August.

If I want to, I can start my own church.  So tempting.  I can christen and baptize people.

I would be happy to baptize anyone out there, although I'm too weak to do the full immersion thing. But I'd be glad to baptize you with a silver soup spoon. Or a soup ladle, if you need real cleansing.

What, you might ask, does the Universal Life Church believe?

Pretty much what you want.  Certainly, we believe in life, universally.

My church will have short meetings, short talks, a little laughing, a little crying, some scripture, some poetry and music.

Panty hose are not required.

As an ordained minister, I could wear my academic gown, (or even better, Tom's red Harvard gown), but I need to remember that it's not about me; it's about Rian and Tate, so I'll stifle the need for self glorification as much as I'm able and marry them simply and, yes, legally.


  1. You Beat Me To It! I looked up the info. to become an ordained minister a few years back and wanted to do it, but Rob pointed out that I had no one marry so it would be a waste of money. I wanted to do get it just so I would be ready if anyone looked at our delightfully wedded bliss and decided they simply must get married.
    I even thought about using one of my kids high school graduation gowns as my outfit because the color suits my complexion so well.
    Great minds think alike.
    Wear the red. You look fabulous in red and don't you want your grandchild to have the very best photos of their wedding? Do it for her. She deserves it.
    Now I am rethinking my ordination certificate. It is really priced quite reasonably. And I think the certificates are pretty. I should probably splurge and get a nice frame for it and hang it in my office.
    Rob won't even notice it.

  2. I love this and I am sure your meetings would draw a huge crowd as they sound fun and I like the idea of short!

  3. Please post your ceremony!

  4. Please post your ceremony!

  5. You had me at, "No panty hose required."

    Praise the Lawd, hallelujah!