Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Type A to Z

When I married Tom, he was definitely a Type A. Efficient, ambitious, rational, goal-setting, list- making and even magical.  Those were my magical thinking days. Tom believed you should eat your vegetables.

I was also ambitious, goal-setting, rational, but I had a strong respect for the irrational, as everyone should.  Not everything can be arranged on a graph.  I believed you should eat dessert first and stare into space for no reason at all.

We were both a little crazy.

Over time we have meshed in some fine ways.  I know about Hamann, Herder and Klopstock, and Tom knows that you can come to a decision organically.

In old age, we have become Type Zs.  He has found art. I have found YouTube (I'm taking a class on the Philosophy of Death at Yale). We've both found Parcheesi, which we play a couple of times a day, three games in one sitting. We spend time on the front porch. Neither one of us believes in spending any time with guilt or worry about wasting time. We've stopped counting. We eat fewer vegetables and more ice cream.

Summer has been about breakfasts with Erica and the kids, waiting for a wedding, listening to pipe organs and snorting at everyone's indignation about everything. When did we all become so indignant?

Speaking of death, are you a physicalist or a duelist?

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  1. So lovely and I love all the little and random information I now have stored in my brain thanks to my husband all his medical information alongside all my art information makes for a good balance.