Thursday, August 6, 2015

Babysitting the dogs

Tom and I are staying at Sam and Sarah's to take care of their two Boston Terriers, Oscar and Olive. They have taken the three grandchildren to Lego Land and the beach.

We stay with the dogs.  Anything wrong with this picture? The dogs are all mouth, scratchy paws and they fart foul.  The worst.

I do not think this makes up for the time that our dog, Alice, pooped a little on Sam.  He has made way too big of a thing about that little bit of poop.

The only good thing about Boston Terriers is they are black and white and look good in photographs.

Still, I do like snooping about their house.  I realized that even if I didn't know them, I would like them. Lots and lots of books and pictures.  And fresh cut roses from their garden in a crystal vase next to the bed.   And the hammock. And the view of the city from the window.

They left us Diet Coke, pretzels and chocolate cookies.

The dogs sleep and fart.  Sleep and fart.

I hope Sam and Sarah are happy.


  1. I laughed way too much reading this. Post some black and white pics of Oscar and Olive, please.

  2. The universe has something wonderful in store for you both for giving us this week. XO