Thursday, September 3, 2015

Telling it like it is

 Ann Cannon and I have written this book modeling memoir writing.  Honestly, we think we're pretty funny and even wise sometimes.  And then, too, people generally like us.  Not everyone, but generally speaking, people like us.

So we were surprised when the first publisher we sent it to, didn't want it.

Maybe the book wasn't as good as we thought.  Maybe we were just a couple of deluded has-beens.  It happens.

We decided to read the book aloud to each other.  She reads my essays, and I read hers.  Last Tuesday, she read this sentence from one of my essays:

     "I tasted my mother's butt and wanted some on my toast."

We sat in a public area and drew many stares when we fell apart laughing.

"Do you think that sentence kept us from selling the book?" I asked between gasps.

We read it aloud again. More laughing.

Actually, I was writing about my mother being the only member in our large family, who got to eat butter, and realizing that I liked her butter better than our margarine.

I don't know.  Maybe some typing errors should remain as they are.  A good laugh really cleans the sinuses.


  1. It's just amazing the things people put on toast these days.

  2. I think the people who rejected your book are the deluded has-beens.

  3. I will buy this book. Just let me know when you find a publisher with some sense, or a sense of humor.

  4. I love this. and i just laughed too. out loud. alone. which was good cause i had a kind of freaky experience this evening.

  5. You two are hilarious. I met you a few years ago when you entertained at the Springville library. I snorted aloud about the typo. Some things just are.

  6. I firmly agree that you're both funny and very likable people.
    The middle grade crowd would appreciate the butt on toast.