Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The sisters learn Parcheesi

My sisters came over last night for card night. Actually, Judy couldn't come so Jill, Toni's daughter, came instead.  Now that she lives in Colorado, we get to see more of her.  Yesterday, she took her oldest daughter to BYU, so this was the end of a tearful day for her.

A good time to beat her up by teaching her Parcheesi.  We played one round of Golf and moved to Parcheesi.  It plodded along slowly, because they were all learning.  When I told them that if they got three doubles in a row, they had to move the pawn closest to home back to the beginning, they laughed and said, "As if that happens!"  Ha ha ha ha ha.

It happened several times amid screams.

Janie called from Seattle and we set her on "speaker" and laid her on the table where occasionally we ignored her when something big in the game happened.

She told this story.  She sent Gerard, our brother, a birthday card and signed it "your favorite sister." Followed by, "Give me a call."

She gets a call from him and he says, "Louise, is that you?"

We ate chocolate silk pie. Marilyn won the Parcheesi.

When I got into bed, Tom had found an article online written by an elementary teacher who uses Parcheesi to teach Math and Probabilities.  The chance of getting three doubles in a row  is one in 216 rolls.

I wouldn't get on an airplane if those were the odds for crashing.


  1. Of course you're the favorite sister.

  2. You and your sisters are a party. Games, refreshments, laughter. You just need a piñata for some real excitement.