Monday, October 12, 2015

The weekend

Our friend, Linda, came down from Minneapolis to see Tom's exhibit and we have been schlepping her around the area.  Two things stood out:

The first is that Linda, at age 69, is as thin as she was thirty years ago and looks young.  She has been nipped and tucked and it looks terrific.  We went to see THE MARTIAN (very entertaining) on Saturday night, and then to Red Robin to eat.  Linda ordered a shot of Bourbon and the waitress asked to see her ID.

  Whaaaat?  I am agog. "This deserves a standing ovation," I said, and I stood up and clapped.
Seriously, who gets ID'd at age 69?  Well, Linda does, that's who. No one has ID'd me even to check if I'm really a senior citizen.

The second thing was we were on our way to Ogden, but stopped in downtown SLC where our pharmacist is, and Tom got out to get his pills.  Linda and I sat in the car, chatting.  I said something about how we have been slow to get cell phones and haven't missed them much.

What happens?  Tom is gone a half an hour and we're thinking maybe he's fainted dead away at the pharmacist, and so Linda goes into check on him.  (If Tom had a cell, this would not have been necessary).  For the next several days, we are checking out movie times, maps, rotten tomatoes, the mileage to Huntsville and all kinds of idiot facts.  Linda was on her phone half the time we're in the car.

We haven't missed cell phones at all, because we use other people's cell phones.

We're idiots.  But we did laugh a whole lot, so there's that.  We have always known how to laugh.


  1. I could write a missive against Smart phones. At least the usage in social occasions. But I will not.

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