Monday, November 30, 2015

We are on the move

We are on the move this week, which is why I'm not fully into keeping a blog right now.  We've unloaded our house and are moving back downtown, to the indoor swimming pool, elevators and a walk to the grocery store, Backers Bakery, the pharmacy, the symphony, the Land of Oz, Nordstroms, Anthropologie etc. Downtown to cathedral bells.

 I love downtown.

Our big move is on Thursday.  So we are packing this week. After the move, we'll get a dumpster for the stuff we have no idea what to do with (after the visits to the D.I.)

Yesterday, we had breakfast with our friend, Jane Lawson, who moved to Portland a couple of years ago and started her life anew. She showed us pics of her new and very beautiful granddaughter and also pics of the trip she took to India this year. India changes peoples' lives.

We spent Thanksgiving with Sam and Sarah and kiddies.  We began with a movie (Peanuts), which both Tom and I enjoyed. It's maybe one of the great things about young grandchildren, you get to see movies you wouldn't ordinarily go see. We ate dinner at the Inn at Snowbird in a human size room with large windows that looked onto a snowy forest. Inside, a fire blazed.  It was all very pleasant.
I am thankful for family and friends and hot water and working cars and fabulously varied foods.

I am thankful that I finally found the perfect pair of Khaki's.  Men's wear at Lands End. I am wearing slim men's khakis for the rest of my life.  And they have pockets! Deep, deep pockets.

And finally, BROOKLYN, was the finest movie I've seen in ages. It made my heart sing.  Sing!


  1. I love to hear (and read) your voice. Good luck with the move, Doll.

  2. Downtown suits you, Louise. I loved Brooklyn too.

  3. Brooklyn is by far the best movie I've seen this year. And I've seen everything. (I had to hug myself leaving the theater, so filled with emotion was I.) Also pleased to hear you're moving back. You'll be right next to my buildings. I'll have to stop by once you're settled and feeling less overwhelmed with the move.

  4. Jealous on the move to downtown, always been in my grand plan. I'm wearing new Men 's- Old Navy tall jeans, $27 instead of my typical $72 Gap - mens fit better actually!!

  5. Jealous of your return to downtown location. "Brooklyn" is indeed a wonderful movie. Also enjoyed reliving the 50s in "The Bridge of Spies."

  6. Interesting all these notes about Men's wear pants. I have a trendy friend who has shopped Men's wear for years.
    Is this to say, the ladies department, as we all know it, is bogus for our wants and needs? (I need deep pockets.)

  7. I'll be staying in downtown SLC for the holidays and would love to see you two.