Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sarah's best tree yet

Jane and David Kamerath, Sarah and Sam, and Louise and Tom  in front of Lucy's tree
Tom is having fun.

I can eat a log of fudge

Sarah and Sam. That sign says, "Please do feed the reindeer."
Last night was the Festival of Trees auction and Sam and Sarah sold their tree immediately, which
is what they like. It was the best. Go see it on Aisle B, the second one in.  It's really fabulous.

We ran into Frank and Ella Santiago and had a small party with them for an hour.  Some people just are a party.  Frank was our Bishop in Provo.

Bought fudge, of course.

Earlier, we saw our apartment for the first time. It was smaller than I remembered and I had to breathe deeply while I readjusted the furniture in my head. The capitol building and the northern hills are part of our view.  Good.  We carried up art work and the Kitchen Aid, and toaster, from the car.
We measured.

Will we move again? I wouldn't bet against it.  Our friend, Richard VanWagenen said that three moves are as good as a divorce.  And we don't need a lawyer.

We are still married.


  1. Well done, Sarah and Sam! Lucy's legacy burns brightly.

  2. Beautiful tree and a beautiful tradition to honor Lucy.
    As to moving... we are the experts... 25 moves in 50 years of marriage. No, We probably aren't through moving yet. (We have burial plots at Wasatch Lawn)
    I want to visit you at your apartment again sometime. Am I invited?