Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Days of 2015

Tom and Louise with Louis, Elliot and Sally on Christmas Day

The downtown lights, the Avenues Community Choir, The Tabernacle Choir Christmas Show, that tenor that sang at Sacrament Meeting, Dinner with Ed and Dede and fam and watching IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, dinner with Sam and Sarah and fam (above), dinner with the family at Charles and Erica's, and finally Ballet West's THE NUTCRACKER.

The tap shoes I ordered, never came, or they are somewhere in this building.  Bawww.

Our apartment smells like lilies (thank you, Jon and Julie).  The tulips are holding up.

The Backer's Bakery Christmas cake: I ate most of it myself.

Visiting with Beth H.

Thinking of George. George. George.

And now the week after Christmas when we can go to the movies every day. I love to go to the movies.

Christmas. It's mostly over. Good-bye Christmas. Good-bye house. Kisses.


  1. Enjoy the movies. If you need something dark and psychological, try Macbeth at the Broadway.

  2. Fabulous! And you look divine in this photo.