Saturday, December 19, 2015

The holy war

It irritated me that the Utah/BYU bowl game in Las Vegas was hyped as a "holy war."  Would they have dubbed it that if it were Utah playing Utah State? I doubt it. And then, too, I don't believe in "holy wars" at all.  There's nothing holy about wars, and for that matter, there isn't much holy about football.

Possibly, I'm cranky because the first quarter of the game was like having your head held under water in the bathtub by a Utah lineman, who you let into the house voluntarily. Five interceptions in the first quarter all leading to scores.  Slashing my own wrists would have been easier to watch. And yet, we did continue watching, but we had tickets for STAR WARS reserved for five o'clock, so we listened in the car.  I stayed in the car while Tom got the tickets.  The score was 35 to 21 when I left the car.

See that just gives one hope--there's nothing like failed hope.  Nothing.

We went to David's Kitchen after the movie, which I found enthralling, and that is where I learned that my team hadn't won.

Oh vel, as my mother used to say.


  1. I had to stop watching the first half. I listened to it on the radio while I wrapped presents because I prefer Greg Wrubell's play calling, but especially if we are losing desperately I cannot bear commentators who can't pronounce the names of the players correctly. I finally came back to the TV and yelled loudly for BYU to sack that Ute quarterback RIGHT NOW!!! I think it scared my husband and my children.
    It was a good attempt at a comeback. And that was somewhat mollifying. Somewhat.

  2. A man at James' work asked him why the commentators kept calling it a holy war. It just makes them sound stupid. I like your analogy for the first quarter. Spot on.