Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Land of Oz is all lit up

Tonight, Tom took the car to run errands, and I walked down to the Land of Oz to see the Christmas lights.  They never disappoint. It reminded me of Daddy, who in his retirement put up lights on Temple Square using one of those cherry pickers. He made me ride up in that thing.  "Look you can see the Capitol!" Look, I'm too far off the ground! It's hard to panic aloud when your father is so cheerful about showing you the view.

Now I can see the Capitol lit up at night from the living room window.

Every inch of downtown is filled with ghosts. Past and present mesh magically. One of the best things about being old.

Did you know that they turn on those lights at six in the morning?  Ann told me this today at lunch.
No one is there except the early morning walkers. I think that's worth setting the alarm clock.

The north light is golden in the late morning.  A soft light, perfect for photographers.

I love the city. This city. It makes me happy.

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