Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

What Daddy might say:  "You wouldn't believe where we've been.  You wouldn't believe how we got there. You wouldn't believe how different it is.  It's so different.   Guess what?  I can bowl now.

Guess what else?  Only Dutch people go to Heaven.  I have no idea where everyone else is.  Maybe on the other side of that long dike. But here, we speak with hard g's and know everything. Everything!  Ask me anything, and I'll tell you the answer.

Stop worrying so much.  You're all such nice people, and still you worry. Things are what they are.  Isn't it enough to know that the afterlife is filled with white bread and herring?  Isn't that enough?

See you soon.  I'll be there wearing klompen. (Just a little Dutch joke there!)  Mother says hi."


  1. I love this so much. I can hear his voice. Happy birthday Grandpa!

  2. please not TOO soon! after all, didn't i hear you're moving back to the city?! ;-)