Monday, January 4, 2016

Five Sisters at Card Night

Toni, Judy, Marilyn, Janie and Louise

 Janie was in town this week from Seattle, and so all five sisters were in attendance for card night at my house. Janie kept scores in my new journal. It didn't help me at all. Judy won the first game and Janie won the second game.  Although, Janie was quick to point out that if we added the two scores together as we used to do when she lived here, she would have been the night's winner.

She looks like a nice person, but she's a barracuda.

Also, she told me on the phone that she had gained a lot of weight.  Liar, pants on fire. I tried to get her to eat a second piece of cake but it was no good.

Toni can hardly move her elbow after painting her granddaughter's bedroom.

Judy is dealing with a son with painful health problems.

Marilyn is primary president for three children.  Some Sundays she prays that none of them will show up.

Janie's husband had a hysterectomy.

And I had to swim in a freezing cold pool this morning.

Everyone's got problems.

Keep smiling.

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