Saturday, January 2, 2016

Person of the year 2015: Louise Plummer

I know you thought it was Germany's chancellor, Angela Merkel. I disagree.With a photograph, some colored pencils and photoshop, you can make yourself Person of the Year.

Why do I deserve it?

I persevered through a difficult year and I plan to persevere through 2016. I am still me: bossy, controlling, self-involved, judgmental and whiny.

Sometimes I'm glorious.

I learned that no matter how much I think I want to be alone, I need other people, and I have them in friends and relations. I love you, friends and relations.

Another reason I deserve it: I'm not running for president.

Why do YOU deserve to be Person of the Year 2015?


  1. I'll be runner up to you. Even though there are countless others who deserve to stand next to you wearing Silver. I deserve it for staying kind and loving instead of growing bitter and vindictive when people I never thought would betray me turned against me and I forgave them. And I let go of them, cause, healthy boundaries! And I grew a pair of Stand Up For Myselfs, and used them a few times. And I walked into a misty future by faith, and the fog lifted to reveal a brook-gladdened meadow stocked with every good thing I'd ever dreamed of. and also because 2015 is in the past now, which means it's not adding anything else to my already so full that it's spilling all over down the sides and onto the floor life. That's why.

    But here's what I wrote Ann tonight:

    "You know who else I didn't manage to get an address for and deliver an invitation to? Cause I knew they moved and I'm disorganized? Louise and Tom. #fail There comes a point where you're just embarrassed because you don't want people to think they were an afterthought, but it's awkwardly late to invite them even though you'd love to have them. But after everything you & they have done for me, & since all our THING ladies are coming (!) (is it weird to be supersquee-excited about that?) and Tom painted me(!) and it's Louise(!) (and we're having a female friend marry us...which was inspired by her marrying her grand daughter last summer), and you two were the best thing to happen last year in my life (addendum: 2 years it's 2016)...It would just be awesome if you came. It will actually be a beautiful, classy, tasty event, and we don't plan to keep you til the wee hours either. Just a fun date night in a place with fresh, clean, warm air in the winter."

    So if it's not too late, can i invite you two? Would that be sooooo gauche? either way, kisses. xxBlue

  2. PS: email or text me if you reply!

  3. Best thing I've read all year!

  4. I smile to myself a lot when I read through your posts making me look like a loony at my kitchen counter computer. Thanks for writing and sending it out into the world wide interwebs!

  5. Anyone can be a chancellor. It takes class, skill and a tiny bit of benevolent insanity to be a Plummer. So congratulations on your achievement, TIME cover or no TIME cover!