Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Norma Jeanne Cannon Grow

Yesterday, I went to Norma Jeanne's graveside ceremony in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  She was my sister-in-law, Kathy's, mother. Norma Jeanne's mother-in-law lived in Emigration Ward: Jessie Grow, and as I recall was the Relief Society president for awhile.  A lovely woman from long long ago.

Anyway Norma Jeanne died at the age of 87. She wore out. I met her, but I didn't know her.

I know more about her now.  For example her favorite color was red and she is buried in red shoes--my guess is they are high heels.  She was a high heels kind of woman. She wore red lipstick and red fingernail polish and she loved to buy clothes.  She sold real estate. She picked up stray people and let them live at her house (Not unlike Kathy and Teddy). She liked movies and that TV buying channel that I never watch. She loved cosmetic jewelry and buying people gifts.

She was also buried wearing her sunglasses, which she wore like Jack Nicholson--inside the house as well as outside. She was  buried wearing an Irish pin, because she either was Irish or wanted to be Irish.  I'm guessing she was more a wannabe.  I can't remember all the items she was buried with, but the coffin is filled up.

We, the guests, were also given sunglasses to wear in her honor. Also, we were in the sun.  There were about ten chairs set up and my brother, Gerard, who is a year younger than me, said, "I don't know if I can stand in that sun."

"We can use the "old" card," I said, "and sit in a chair," which we did. The oldest person there was  in a wheelchair.  There are advantages there.  Half the chairs remained empty because people are so polite about allowing others to use the chairs.

I liked hearing about Norma Jeanne and liked hearing her family sing.  I liked being outdoors in what is surely the most beautiful cemetery in Salt Lake.

Why didn't we consider Mt. Olivet?  Two deer stood  a little distance off watching the ceremonies.

At the end, we let go of red and white balloons and watched them float off into the atmosphere, the way we all hope we will float into another sphere and still be somewhat ourselves.


  1. There is absolutely nothing better than family singing. It is cohesive, and it also invites others to join in, either in voice or by happy "parallel play".

  2. I've missed you. Where have you been? My work week is so boring without your witty posts! You are not allowed to go on hiatus again. signed- random reader from Sacramento, CA

  3. I have been so worried about you and your husband. I even checked SL obituaries to see if something had happened to you. I am so glad you are back and posting. I hope Tom is okay too after his car/pedestrian mishap.