Monday, August 29, 2016

The smarter than we are TV

We were away for a week in Colorado's Grand Mesa. Our smart TV worked fine when we left, but when we got back, we could no longer get on Netflix. Anne, our granddaughter, came over to help us, but she was stumped as well. So all last week, we watched TV on TV and Netflix on our computers.

Last night, the sound disappeared. Tom got online to watch videos about how the Sharp Smart TV worked, but the sound is still off. We watched Boston and Kansas City play baseball in silence.

We called Sam, but he works on Sunday nights and couldn't help us.

Next, we call Tate. If he can't fix it, we'll have to start reading books.

Now that would be new.


  1. We just returned from St. George where we had to call Becky Brown Thomas's daughter's husband who lives in St. George to remind us how to turn on my parents' TV.

  2. We sound so old. Did our grandparents seem old as they turned the knobs to the radio and the television, and the air conditioner and the heat? They had four stations, and could turn them on and off.

    Books! What a boon in life. Let's not forget them!