Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Olympic ambitions

Yes, I had Olympic ambitions. In the second grade, I made a little book showing me winning a gold medal for the backstroke with all these cute little pictures I'd drawn with Crayolas. I took the bus downtown to the Deseret Gym where I swam only the backstroke.

Where it broke down was when I realized I had to dive into the water on my back and be submerged, face up, for several seconds. I don't like water stinging up my nose. So a year after I decided to win a gold medal, I decided to keep writing little books about winning a gold medal. Much easier.

This morning I feel cheated. This morning I see this picture of David Plummer and he's wearing a nose plug. You can use a nose plug in the Olympics? Is this not cheating? Who allowed the nose plug?

I could have continued my swimming career if I had known that nose plugs were allowed.

Cheated again.


  1. I just read this to my four children. I am hoping they will not be stopped from pursuing their dreams.

    1. If you don't have a dream...we all know the words. But we don't really believe them. Or do we?

  2. I always assumed, at that young age, that I would be in the Olympics. A couple of decades later I grasped the reality. Nevertheless, I did place 31st in a sprint triathlon last month. Aged 56, 31st place out of 35 competitors. Yes - I and trained two weeks to get there. Hope springs, you know.

  3. Sometimes I paint with gold paint. That's about the closest I will ever get. But you're a gold medal laugher. I love your laugh!

  4. I love your posts, truly!
    Unrelated, but I thought you would appreciate: