Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lady in the red hat

This was my assignment for the week. One a week is my goal with paintings.

Went off to Halifax today to see our landlady, Tess, who ran head-on into a truck the other night.
Don't do this at home. She has a broken arm and a seriously crushed leg. Her question, "Why did this happen?"

I've never known the answer to that one. Those WHY questions flummox me most of the time. In fact, I think WHY questions may be bad for your mental health.

The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital is depressing. I think I heard Tom say something against socialism.
And that, my friends, would be a first.

Tess was properly drugged. I don't know if she'll know we were there.

Ate at Tim Hortons. Of course. Then found another mall just one exit down from our own in Tatillon. We live to discover malls.  Even found a dollar store. Maybe there will be a Christmas this year!