Thursday, November 17, 2016

Reality bites

The vacation feeling can't possibly last. Eventually, the serpent arrives and we get booted into the real world.

A mouse scurried across the living room floor last night while I was talking to Ed. I let out a screech. A few minutes later, it scurried back under the sofa. Another screech.

The mouse is my serpent. My feeling is that when you see one mouse, there must be 10,000 of his friends and relations close by.

Tom set some traps today, but no one took the bait. I think cheese is old hat. I told him chocolate works better. Peanut butter is also good. We had mice in NYC.

As far as serpents go, mice are a far cry above the real serpents: snakes. If a snake had slithered out from under the sofa, I would be in some motel wondering where I was going to live next.

Years ago, in Minneapolis, some people bought a house only to discover that the basement was filled with snakes.

I have PTSD from just having read that story in the newspaper.


  1. There's a snake house in Rexburg. A previous owner has snake-related PTSD now. No thank you.

  2. We have a mouse electrocution chamber that works amazingly well (I won't tell you how many mice we've killed, but the numbers lend support to your original theory). We use dry dog food and put it right next to the radiator where they like to come out at night. Best of luck--i hate them!

  3. These blog posts are essential. Blog away, La Louise! xox

  4. Marci is right about dog food being good bait. Rice and crackers are good too. We found those electric inserts also work very well. Have Mercedes tell you about her university housing story about a mouse nest falling on her face during the night. All 10,000 of them.

  5. O dear a mouse does not sound fun! So far the only creatures to invade any of my living spaces have been spiders and cockroaches!


  7. I killed 8 flying squirrels in our house in PA one winter. I was PTSDing all over the place.