Monday, November 28, 2016

Looking for home

I've been following this house in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia for more than six months. Annapolis Royal is two hours from here and is one of the earliest settlements in Nova Scotia (as in the 1600s) and was a Loyalist hotspot during the Revolutionary War. It's a lovely town with grand old houses, oak and elm trees and chic shops along St. George Street

Anyway, we went to see it a few days ago and I got out of the car to have a look through windows and stand in the backyard.  I went up the steps to find these old wooden shoes on the back porch.
It felt like a sign. I don't believe in signs. Still, it felt like a sign.

I have lived in many houses and they all seemed like signs.  It's just part of my intuitive brain
making up stories everywhere I go. It's a blessing and a curse. I have only recently figured out that you can't trust your brain at all.

Some of you have asked how we came to make this decision.  We summered in the Maritimes for nine years and never really said good-bye. This is our good-bye.

For the first time, I am cold.  I haven't been cold in twenty years--not since the first George Bush administration, so this is new for me. It isn't that the temperatures are so low--mainly in the thirties but it is a very wet cold. For the first time in my life I am wearing long underwear and a sweater.
I may be able to go back to wearing turtle neck sweaters.

Tom, who is always cold, is perfectly fine with his long underwear. What a switch. I found one of Lillian's fans in my purse and laughed out loud. Now I sit with my legs on the hearth until the bottoms of my feet are toasty.

The house in Annapolis has three woodburning fireplaces.