Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bear Lake Mall.

"Where do you shop?"we asked our landlady, Tess.

"Bear Lake has everything. Exit 2 on the 103" We are exit 6.

The drive there ends up being a fool's errand. There is no Bear Lake. What was she talking about?
And then the little gray cells finally kick in. It is what the sign says: Bayer Lake.

It turns out Canada really is a foreign country. Costco only takes Mastercard, not Visa. Whaaat?

But in the US--

She doesn't care what they do in the US. In Canada it's Mastercard.

But look, this is a debit card.'

It's also a Visa Card.

So our loaded cart is left standing next to the register.

We go to see Moonlight, because it has through the roof ratings. We leave in an hour.

We buy three lamps at Home Sense, which is very much like the home store attached to T.J. Maxx.
But there is no TJ Maxx store, although their ads sometimes run in Home Sense. I buy a butter dish.

We eat cinnamon candies on the drive home. I think I see a book store. Chapters. Next time, we'll go snoop out Chapters.


  1. I think Chapters is a chain. I remember being in Quebec, seeing one and thinking, "Borders is probably not a great name to use in the French Canadian market." I don't know whether they are related companies.

  2. Yes Chapters is a big box chain which is Canadian owned by Indigo Books. Chapters was our first big box bookstores in Canada and then Indigo bought them out. I worked for Chapters out here on the west coast some years ago. Not related to Borders but very much like Borders.
    BTW is All the Light You Cannot See by Anthony Doerr the book you wished you had packed with you? Because if yes I have a copy I'd be glad to mail to you.
    You can email me at

    1. Thank you, Happy Dog. It's one of my all time favorites, but I do have a copy in Utah. I'll get it when I visit.