Monday, December 5, 2016

House and home and newly upholstered chairs

Before we left for Nova Scotia, I had this chair reupholstered. I saw it on the day we left town. It broke my heart to leave it behind with Sam, who obviously doesn't share the love. Otherwise, he would have taken a better photo of it.

I bought this Henredon chair in the seventies at Gabberts Odds and Ends Room in Minneapolis. It's probably the best piece of furniture I own.  I really miss my STUFF. I'm really attached to stuff. I know I shouldn't be attached to stuff, but there it is. I love love love my stuff and my colors, which
don't happen to be a dark green and brown. Also I don't like living with taxidermy. I feel like I've
married Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

On the fantasy homefront, the house I have been lusting after in Annapolis Royal has sold, It is going to be someone else's home. I spent most of Sunday mourning over its loss. I mean I knew I would never buy it, but now that someone else has, the fiction of my living in that house is over.  I am mourning my own made up story.

Of course, most of our lives is just stuff we make up in our heads to keep us thinking that consciousness is necessary, especially our own consciousness.

Whoa, where am I going with this?  This is a blog about nothing. Nothing. And it will remain that way.


  1. Do you love textiles and "tactiles" like I do? I love (and collect) fabrics for their prints and feel. I quilt (some) and am always on the hunt for potential projects.

  2. You need a red and white interior. I'm petitioning the universe for it on your behalf. You're welcome.