Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What if you get sick in Canada?

What if you get sick in Canada and you're not a resident? I'm not talking kidney stones or pancreatitus--you'd go to an emergency room for those.  But what if you have an infected toe and it's getting worse every day and you're sure that if it continues much longer, your foot will have to be amputated?

You go to the Walk-in Clinic in Upper Tantallon and for $60.00, you can see a doctor and she will prescribe antibiotics and topical cream. Hurrah for Canada. (Actually, the first thing she does, when she sees it is squeak "Ewwwwe!")

ALSO, you can take in your empty prescription bottle and the doctor will renew your prescription.

Thank you, Karen, the nurse in charge, for calling our pharmacy in Utah and giving us a whole education on taking care of ourselves medically in Canada. You were the best! We want to adopt you.

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  1. "Ewwwwe"? I would have thought "ehhhhh." Sorry. Couldn't resist. Sorry about your toe, though.