Monday, June 25, 2012


You know how the newspapers run corrections and apologies on page eleven of the house and garden section, of a story that ran on the first page of the news section originally?  (Is that even a readable sentence?)

This is that apology.

Remember how I called my doctor, Doctor Misogynist, a few months ago, because I thought he was controlling my Ambien?  Remember how I went on and on in my nasty-Louise fashion and cursed him to someplace below Hell?

It was all a mistake.  A clerical error.  "You should call Laura if that happens again," he said.


My heartfelt apologies to my doctor, who I chose because he has astounding critical acumen and went to Columbia Medical School and is so thorough.  A linear thinker.

We have so little in common.  Still, would I want myself as my doctor?

This is not much of an apology.  It's good it will run on page eleven.

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