Friday, July 13, 2012

July 8, 2012, Sally Grace's blessing day

The photo is for history.  The next photos will be of Anne's wedding in August.  This summer we seem to be be waiting for large events to happen.  The rest of the time, Tom and I are comatose.  We went to the ballgame.  I went to Hale Theater with Christine.  We attended Lydia's baptism.  Oh lovely Lydia!
We played Sorry with Elliot.  They are on their way home today.

I took a look at my to-do list for this year to see how I was doing.  There were only two things on it.  One, was learn to knit socks.  And two was watch BBC Shakespeare plays.

I still don't know how to knit the heel, but I'm getting good, finally, at the upper sock.

Richard III and Hamlet--that's all I've watched and it's mid-July.  Hamlet wasn't BBC but Christopher Plummer as Hamlet back in the day. It's now my favorite production of Hamlet.  Christopher Plummer is my favorite Hamlet and my favorite Iago.  And this is the only Hamlet I've seen that didn't go with the Freudian interpretation and I must say, it was refreshing.  Hamlet and Gertrude in their pretend humping in the 3rd act makes me sick.  Also in the Plummer production no one hears the ghost but Hamlet.  (You can tell in the Cellerage scene).  Blah blah blah.

Major July ennui.  It might rain today and that would be good.

Also, three people I know died this past week.  I think it's a sign.


  1. I had a conversation about darning socks today with my almost ten year old. Do people still darn socks? She, my husband and I all agreed that people are always darning socks in books, but we don't know anyone who does in real life.

  2. Only a hand-knit sock would be worth darning these days. Store-bought socks are not worth a darn.

  3. It's not a sign. Get out of bed.

  4. This is my Shakespeare Summer. I've knocked off Othello, Hamlet, and Taming of the Shrew. I start King Lear today.

  5. "Also, three people I know died this past week. I think it's a sign."

    Reminds me of President Hinkley. He hinted "this could be the last one" every General Conference for the last 10 years of his life. You are in excellent company with your life passage comment. But it will be the same for you as it was for Hinkley - you and Tom aren't going anywhere for a good long while. Might as well relax and stop messing with to-do lists. They will only make you neurotic.
    And happy family photos! My goodness, your loved ones are so tall they make you and Tom seem like shrimps. For Anne's wedding bring a box for you two to stand on. And you look so good in bright colors! Excellent style choice.