Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting out of the house is always a good idea

Yesterday, after venting, I met my friend, Melanie, for lunch, and we got into it good.  Got into it good?
Not grammatical, but alliterative, so I get points for that.

What I mean is we mined the world of personal relationships to a cathartic conclusion, and then we went to IKEA.  What could be better?  I bought a black plastic shoe container to replace the white one I bought a few months ago.  White was all wrong.  Black is perfect.

Then I followed her to two houses she was considering buying.  I always like looking at houses, and the second one in Cottonwood Creek with its mature trees was charming, especially the gorgeous views to the mountains from the backyard.  A high five to that house.  A high five to Melanie.

When I got home, Tom drilled the shoe container to the wall; then we sat on our bed watching a PBS special of songs from the fifties:  the original McGuire Sisters sang, as well as The Four Coins ("Your kisses take me to Shangrila"), the Four Diamonds and the Four Preps.  I sang along with all of them.

PBS was raising money, and I really wanted those 6 CDS, but I already gave for the Wallace Stegnar books the other night.  I also wanted Dr. Martin mugs.  Want want want.

Tom's summing up:  "It's hard to watch your spouse age."

Still brilliant.

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  1. I want to buy a house with mountain views. Also, what was the cathartic conclusion? I must know.