Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We need an eclair

There are those days, usually when the sun isn't shining, when the only thing we can think to do is drive to Bakers de Normandy and buy two eclairs one for each of us.  

Today, they were out of eclairs, but we only had to wait five minutes for a fresh batch.  Oh my gosh, the best lunch ever.  Is there a better bakery anywhere?  I think not.

The worst thing to do is to buy another eclair and eat that too, because it's too much of a good thing.  We didn't do that today, but we have done it before.  There is also the "Eat only Eclairs Day," but we haven't done that in awhile, because Tom is allergic to sugar.  This is new, and it's just wrong. 

 On the way home, I took pics of some of my favorite looks around town:  

I love the look of this Boulangerie but haven't tested the goods yet.  You can see a bit of McKay Jewelers on the right, which is where Tom's mother bought new wedding rings when she was in her fifties.  Robert McKay owned the store and he died this week at age 93.  Just when you think maybe someone will live forever, he doesn't.

The owner of this store usually has tons of stuff outside but not so much today.
Tile art on the side of a building.

I'd like to live in this building.

This used to be the dry cleaners in the neighborhood  where I grew up:  Eliason's.
This was once the candy store just kitty corner from my elementary school.  I see the ghost of it yet.

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  1. Eclairs and photographs! Well done, Louise.