Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My grade school teachers

Grade school teachers at Hamilton School located at 8th South and 8th East (now defunct--there are apartments at that corner called Hamilton Place.)

2nd grade:  Miss Ipson

3rd grade:  Mrs. Tanner taught me fractions.  Good art teacher--taught me to color like an Impressionist.  She always had a mural on the back wall for us to work on.  I danced the minuet with Reed Wallace.

4th grade:  Mrs. Cardall, taught me times tables and how to make tuna on toast, Mr. Hatch, social studies. Duck and covered in his room.  Mrs. Le Holm, science.

 That's when I realized that Elizabeth Bolster was a genius, while I was only gifted.  Although, now that I think of it, she may have been a sociopath.  Not because she was a genius, although that would have made it easier to manipulate others the way she did.

Just thinking aloud here.

5th grade: Mrs. Jacobson, played the piano when we sang.  She taught us to sing parts.  Mrs. Nelson, math, and had pneumonia repeatedly that winter.  Lots of substitute teachers.  Once we all dropped our pencils at two in the afternoon.  Who else? 

6th grade: Mr. Peterson, read us Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn the last hour of the day. Sexy Mr. Garrison (tumbling, softball, basketball, volleyball, track sports, square dancing, sit-ups, push-ups and standing on our heads). Mrs. Peterson (Math) Miss McCormick took us to the Utah Symphony on Saturday mornings.  She once said to me, "Miss Roos, do I have to muzzle you?"  Because I was a chatterbox.  We adored each other.

7th grade: Mrs. Carey (alcoholic) She had a mirror inside her closet and I heard her say, "Oh hello," when she saw herself in the mirror. Miss McCormick, Mr. Garrison, Mrs. Thurman (art)

Librarian:  Miss Rollo (tried to get me to read Jimmy Microbe.  What was she thinking?  I only read books with female protagonists.  No boys' books, no animal books.  Black Beauty was an animal book.
Fortunately, she read Charlotte's Web aloud to us.  I loved it, even though it was an animal book.  I never step on a spider, because it may be one of Charlotte's progeny.

Band teacher:  Mr. Layton (I played the flute) 4th through 7th grade.  Occasionally, he hit me accidentally with his baton.  I sat right in front of him.

Principal:  Miss Hammer


  1. I love this recollection and as an adult being able to put together the pieces of the people that intrigued as kids and figure out what was really going on.

  2. Oh, I love this. And remembering my own teachers. For me, the read-aloud was Narnia. Magical!

  3. I loved the teachers who, after noontime recess, would read aloud to us.