Thursday, May 8, 2014

Being more Dutch than I already am

I've always been Dutch:  I'm stubborn, I say what I think, I know I'm always right, I'm funny, artistic, and tall.  The Dutch are the tallest people in the world.  Not all of them are artistic, of course, but I saw a lot of creative shops, art, a general humorous way of thinking that I recognize in myself.

But with this recent visit, I wanted more.  I wanted to eat soft boiled eggs when they're warm from an egg cup.  Why do I eat hard boiled eggs?  They're dry and disgusting and stick in your gullet.  And why eat a cold egg when you can eat a hot egg with a spoon? This is civilized egg eating.  So I bought egg cups and am very satisfied with myself.

I wanted an OLD pair of wooden shoes--used wooden shoes.  I wanted another tin, a bit of old linen, something papery.  I wanted more reminders around me of that life I didn't get to live.  That other life where I grew up with Roos cousins and their offspring. I want pannakoeken, not pancakes.  Can I actually learn to make pannakoeken?  I'm going to try.

Below are pics of things I brought home:

spoon for the sauce spoon and the far right tin with stroopwafels are new

a large square table cloth I found in an antique store in Delft.  It cost a mere ten euros

these old klompen are on my front porch next to the door

egg cups, spoon, and a small butter dish

a reminder of that wonderful Dutch architecture on the piano


  1. This weekend the Pella Dutch Tulip Festival is going on. If you hurry, you can still make it. :)