Saturday, May 10, 2014

I am fat

Photos do not lie.  How could I have missed the weight I've put on?

By never getting on the scales.

So when Tom and I were running errands in Salt Lake, I stopped and bought some Optifast at the clinic on 10th Avenue. (Actually, Tom went in, because I didn't want to be weighed). I'm drinking two out of three meals.  It's the best and fastest way to lose weight (for me).

I shall use my sister, Janie, as the example.  She not only got her weight down to SKINNY but has kept it there for years.

I will join the community pool and return to swimming.  I do miss being able to take the elevator from my apartment to the pool and back.  I hate public dressing rooms, but I will not whine too much about this.

Dieting can lead to new food discoveries.  Yesterday, at Trio's, I ordered clams in wine that were sublime instead of the usual pasta dish.  And today at Harmons I bought an organic curry hummus and tortilla chips and thought I had died and gone to heaven on a mere 200 calories.

Are you dieting?


  1. Love this post. I was doing really well on weight watchers for eight weeks. Then my whole family got the stomach flu. I thought I was next so I ate pint of coconut ice cream among other things to prepare. The stomach flu never hit me. I've been eating like a cow for 2 weeks. Still waiting for the stomach flu.

    1. Take a strong laxative. It's just like having the flu!

  2. As we approach 50 my husband and I decided this was it, time for a change. We want to remain active until we die so a lifestyle change was needed. He has been exercising and using myfitnesspal and has lost 30 lbs in the last 3 months, I got on the band wagon late after seeing his success and I am following the same process except i'm not quite exercising every day yet ( I have a bad knee that I am trying to strengthen) . And we bought a new scale - nothing like seeing those numbers everyday to keep you on track:)

  3. Diets are too temporary. I prefer to call it a nutrition plan, which is a lifestyle. On my plan there is no such thing as a "cheat day." If I think of a piece of chocolate as cheating, then all I can think about is eating that piece of chocolate and feeling deprived. So take a bite and move on with the nutritious stuff. Exercise is critical. Move with a purpose everyday. Do this diligently and you will never have to "diet."