Friday, January 30, 2015

Tom sings "Sing a fa la, fa la, fa la"

So Tom is a different kind of teacher as an adjunct at UVU, where he teaches Freshman Composition, than he was at BYU and the University of Minnesota.  Different strokes for different folks, he would say.

He teaches two classes and he's complained over the semester that one of the classes seems dull and disinterested; so he told them this week that what they needed was a class song.  Since the class meets early morning, he chose this ditty, which his father sang to him each morning with great gusto.

Oh, the sun comes peeping over the hill
To greet the sounds of morning.
The little birds begin to chirp 
To rejoice at its returning!

Sing a fa la, fa la, fa la
Sing a fa la, fa lidoooooo--
Sing a fa la, fa la, fa la
Sing a fa la, fa la, lidoooo!

He took a few minutes to teach the ditty until they had it memorized. They were pleased with themselves. Then he announced that whenever anyone arrived late to class, they should all break into song spontaneously.  Two people came late.  The class broke into song for each one.

The next day, everyone arrived on time. 

Have a great weekend, everyone, and thanks for the ad hits.  I'll report on results next week.


  1. I can personally vouch that attending a class taught by a Plummer is never dull.

  2. Tom, your tendency to break into song is one of the many reasons I love you.