Monday, February 2, 2015

Murgatroyd the cleaning lady

Murgatroyd with a mess
Murgatroyd's cleaned up pantry

Murgatroyd, my granddaughter, needed money and I needed a cleaning lady, so we struck a deal.
Every Saturday, she comes for a couple of hours to dust, vaccum, and sparkle up the kitchen. Last Saturday, I sparkled up the kitchen myself and had her straighten up the pantry.  It was pretty much a two-hour job.

I have had cleaning ladies all my working life, but I've never had one like Murgatroyd, who sings continuously while she works.  Tom said to me, "It's like having Cinderella in the house."  Indeed.  Having a good-natured Cinderella cleaning your house is divine, as long as she doesn't bring any mice along.

Her older sister, Anne, helped me with putting up ads on the blog.  She wrote me this weekend to say, "Grandma, it's against the rules to ask blog readers to click on the blog."

"There are rules?" I asked.  What are the other rules?"

"Don't click on the ads yourself.  That's pretty much it." 

The truth is I sign anything on the computer without reading the ten pages of small print.

All day Saturday, I waited for the AdSense police to pick me up and put me in jail.

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  1. The post-Murgatroyd pantry is a thing of beauty! My mom used to call me Murgatroyd sometimes.