Monday, August 10, 2015

Notes to Sam and Sarah

Oscar and Olive playing with each other

1. Your bed is so high off the floor!
2. We found Louis's pictures wrapped around the Coke. Thanks, Louis. Grandpa looks just like that caterpillar.
3. The dogs greet us at the living room window when we come home. No one has ever been so glad to see us.
4.  Sunday morning, I had two dog heads on my lap and was petting them both while they licked each other. Such a love fest.
5. The front garden is buzzing with life: hummingbirds, butterflies including those little white ones that you call moths. Small birds that feast on the sunflower seeds.
6. I haven't been downstairs at all.
7. Found the Hershey bars!
8. Found Cafe Rio, Einstein's bagels and Wendy's. Took Rian and Tate to Red Butte Cafe on Friday night.
9. I like to stand in front of the picture window in my nightgown.
10. Sarah, did you set GO SET A WATCHMAN on the piano to tempt me? Not going to read it.  Just finished THE NIGHTINGALE, a World War II novel with an enticing story.  Love scenes were straight out of THE ROMANCE WRITER'S PHRASE BOOK. 
11. Keep expecting to find Sally in her room.  
12. I have not opened anything that looks like a diary. (I'm feeling pretty self-righteous about this).
13. Parcheesi. Parcheesi. Parcheesi.
14. We drove all over Saratoga Springs on Saturday afternoon looking for a particular pavilion.  There are three pavilions in Saratoga Springs. We found two out of three. We missed a party.
15. Somewhere in your bed is a pair of reading glasses.
16. Spoke to Jared at Q.Cannon's reception. He said Sam should be a teacher. (Yeah!) Kalleen--is it spelled with a K?  Why do I think it is spelled with a K?  Anyway, she fell 12 feet from a ladder and broke her elbow. Ach du lieber.
17. Your shower/tub wants to kill an old person.
18. Dogs got two lunches on Sunday, because Tom and I each fed them unbeknownst to the other. Lucky dogs.
19. I've been listening to Scott Carrion podcasts. He lives on G Street.
20. This is wedding week. Wahoot!


  1. I'm SO glad you posted a picture of Oscar and Olive. I have a Boston granddoggie named Violet, who loves me more than anyone else has ever loved me. (Of course she loves other family members just as much, but still...)

  2. 1. Because we're tall.
    5. I'm glad we have those little white moths to remember you by when you're gone.
    6. That's too bad--we left you the BEST surprise down there!
    9. So do I, but in my robe because I don't have a nightgown.
    10. No, I set it there because I need to give it back to Jennie. I haven't read it yet...
    12. Thank you!
    16. It is spelled with a K.
    17. I'm glad it didn't kill you.
    18. That happens a lot.
    19. Ooh, I'll look him up.
    20. Can't wait for the Polonaise!
    21. Tom left behind a pair of shoes, shaving cream, and a razor.
    22. Thank you again, again, again. We loved the picture you left.