Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Watching the Pioneer Parade or not

Tom and Bill

We invited Christine and Bill  for a slumber party, so they could leave their kingsized
Stearns & Foster mattress at home and sleep on a queen-sized blow-up mattress on our living room floor.

Somewhat blown up. Not very blown up. 

The idea was it was the most convenient way to be right there on the parade route at nine in the morning, because we live on the parade route.

Christine and I are not in the pic, because someone had to be awake to actually take the pic. Tom should have been more awake than he was, because he actually slept in a bed. After an hour, he said, "Isn't this long enough?"

"No, we haven't seen the refugee float yet!"

"No, we haven't seen the Liahona band yet!"

"No, we haven't heard the Momma's Pentacostal Choir yet!"  And so on.

Sam and Sarah and children arrived about a half hour into it and I got to hold baby George for awhile. He slept too.

The sun creeped across the street and we had to move the chairs back several times. If the parade had lasted too much longer we would have ended up in the building.

Was it worth it?  Of course!  It was worth hearing Bill tell the story of when he went to see Psycho as a young teen. It scared him silly,  When he got home he had to walk into a shadowy house that looked very much like the house in Psycho, into a gloomy. unlit basement where his bedroom was located.

In the dark, a vacuum attacked him. He screamed like a girl, fell over clutching the vacuum's neck and was saved by his father running down the stairs and turning on a light.

We ate lunch at Siegfried's. We sat in the back room where through the wall we could hear someone hacking with a cleaver. We assumed it was food.


  1. This post was a teensy bit Halloween-in-July. I liked it.

  2. That picture is PERFECT! As is your writing.

  3. Are you sure that gentleman next to Tom isn't a Pioneer in a state of rest - you can't really see his legs - kinda ghost-ish. Also - Tom's socks. You two - can I be your adopted grand-daughter! :)